Clayton Anderson, Owner of Duland Business Source, LLC

My name is Clayton Anderson. I am much interested in working for your company as your Web Designer/Webmaster. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Web Design and Development and have officially worked in that position as a freelance since 2008. I have stopped working professionally to complete my schooling and now ready to go back to work. The experience that I possess is perfect for what you are looking for, plus more. I encourage you to look over my portfolio and notice the skills I can bring to your business to bring you a brilliant, mobile-friendly website. My specialty is in dynamic websites (WordPress) and knowledge of Adobe Suites.

My experience with Adobe is creating the look and feel of pages for a client's Web site. This involves developing a design that effectively communicates the ideas being promoted by the Web site. As a web designer, my duties will include taking part in the initial planning of a Web site, meeting with the client to discuss ideas for the layout and organization of the site, the types of colors or images to use (photos, illustrations, videos, etc.), and other matters concerning overall designs. In case a web owner has already developed a basic concept for the web page, my task to create a plan that matches the owner's ideas.

Once the basic concept we can agree upon, I will collect the text documents and images that will appear on the page and convert them into a form in which any potential client can view them. This requires a mastery of HTML (hypertext markup language), the computer language used to create web pages. As a Web designer, I must also know about the most current HTML extensions—programs make it possible to add unique features to web pages such as animations and interactive surveys. Because a Web site may incorporate a variety of different functions, including clickable e-mail contacts or the ability to download files to a computer, I must have a working knowledge of FTP (file transfer protocol) and other programs that enable these functions to work.

I am a webmaster. A webmaster provides regular maintenance and updates on a website. That is my specialty. Are you looking for a webmaster to provide these services? After completion of the website, I can provide the services you need at an affordable monthly rate.